St. Barnabas' Westmead

ministries & services



Young Adults 

Our "young adults" Bible study group is for anyone from 18 to 30 years of age. If you live in the Westmead area, no matter what your circumstance are, we have a place for you! We know young adults are looking for solid relationships and a place where spiritual growth and discipleship are abundantly provided. This group could be just what you're looking for and where God is leading you. Please join us this Thursday at 6:30pm.


As a church, we desire that all youth in the Westmead area who come within our ministry, will find a safe place to belong and to learn about what it means to follow Jesus. We encourage our youth to be involved in the Christian community where they can spur each other on towards love and good deeds.

Other Services

Our Church offers an additional set of organised programs which caters to the community. Whether you are having difficulties speaking English or you are planning a christening, St. Barnabas', Westmead, will be able to assist you!

Children's Ministry

We run several Christian learning programs throughout the week for kids in years K to 6. These essential programs are designed to help kids grow in knowledge of God and consist of a variety of learning activities, games, music and morning/afternoon tea. The programs aim to help kids meet new friends while also developing social skills.